Aceing sales with ondemand meeting spaces

CavinKare is a brand that we all have come to adore. If you live in the southern part of India it would be literally impossible to find someone who has not used a CavinKare product. Some of the brands from the CavinKare stable are Meera, Karthika, Chik, Nyle, Indica, Cavin's and Ruchi. They are credited to have ushered in the Indian Sachet Revolution. I have often heard Mr CK Ranganthan say that CavinKare's motto is "What the rich man can enjoy, the poor man should be able to afford." It is quite an excitement to say that GoFloaters began with a similar motto. We wanted to make premium offices affordable and accessible to anyone and not just the big companies that could afford the rents.

CavinKare does away with its HQ

CavinKare made a startling statement in June 2020. It said that they are going to shut down their corporate headquarters in Chennai and everyone in the team would work remotely. It was unheard of for the FMCG industry to embrace remote working. Here was a fast growing company that was launching products at a quick pace saying that they are going to go office-less. Mr CK Ranganathan quoted that the company saw a 30% increase in productivity by embracing remote work. This decision enabled 300 of its 1900 workforce that worked from the HQ to enjoy the benefits of remote working.

A quick calculation by the CavinKare management showed the travel times to and fro from the office and other travels amounted to almost 55 days per year. These 55 days of lost productivity was suddenly working in the favor of the company with remote work. It was not just the less commute and additional time in the hands of its employees to spend with their families. CavinKare also saw other benefits. They were able to "crush" product launch timeliness with higher productivity. Their virtual meetings were to the point and teams were able to collaborate efficiently. They could increase access to talent as they were now able to hire from anywhere within the Tamil Nadu state.

While remote working was working in favor of CavinKare tremendously the management did realise the importance of in-person interactions. In an interview to CNBC-18, Mr CK Ranganathan added that "We hope to organise meet-ups at hotels every month so that employees won't miss out on person-to-person interactions."

One of the teams within CavinKare that needed a solution for in-person meetings while they worked remotely was the sales team. You can imagine how tough it would have been to run a sales organisation without in-person meetings to set sales targets, track progress, induct new team members etc. This is where GoFloaters came into use for the CavinKare sales teams.

Meeting in-person to meet targets

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When you lead a sales organisation for a rapidly growing organisation you can't be wasting cycles of time with your team not being on the same page. You can't afford to address issues late. You can't let the targets slip. This becomes even more pronounced in an organisation like CavinKare where there are multiple brands for different target customers and markets.

While virtual meetings can take over most aspects of day-to-day running of a sales team, you do need in-person meetings from time to time. You may have a new product launch coming up, you may have some quarter end or year end targets to meet or you may have a new direction or strategy to put into effect. You need your field sales team members and inside sales team members to be on the same page.

CavinKare's regional sales teams leveraged GoFloaters on-demand meeting spaces in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu to conduct, engage and operationalise their sales processes and plans. One of the senior leaders said "We have great flexibility with remote but sometimes you need to meet in-person to discuss ideas, get feedback and put new measures in place".

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Looking forward

When asked whether other FMCG companies would follow suit and be able to compete with CavinKare Mr CK Ranganathan remarked "It takes great resolve and will power to commit to remote and to keep at it. I don't see other companies doing this." While many IT majors have put plans for return to office, CavinKare has stuck to its guns and their commitment to remote work. This is one organization that truly believes that their future, competitiveness and their success lies in being remote. We are delighted to be a part of their journey.

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