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Make Money from your Unoccupied Spaces

Why let a space go to waste, when you can make money?

Workspace is valuable real estate in today’s world. So, do you have spare seating in your café or restaurant? Are you a business owner who has vacant space in your office?

Cafe or Restaurant owners

Even the busiest eatery has lean hours, when footfall slows down. But that doesn’t mean you stop paying rent for those hours or turn off the electricity. So, why not make some money off the available seating during that time? That’s where we come in. We can increase the number of walk-ins, get you new customers, and help make your space a cool, vibrant & happening one. Yup, you read right!

Business owners with spare office space

Maybe you have a couple of desks at the back of your office that no one is using? Or a private office or a meeting room that is underutilized? Why let it sit empty and gather dust? We can help you hire out your spare seating and make your business some money in the process. You get to add to your revenue without putting in any effort. What’s not to love!

Owners of any other kind of space

Do you own an art studio or a gallery? Or maybe run a library or a store? Your place can be used for more than just what it was originally planned for! During closed hours or off-peak times, it can double as a meeting spot or an event space or even a place to sit and work. If you have spare space of any kind we can help you make some money off it!

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