Meeting Spaces Amenities

High Speed WiFi

High Speed WiFi

High-Speed WiFi to get you going the moment you enter.

Power Backup

Power Backup

Power backup to ensure that you are able to work uninterrupted.



Climate controlled environment with cooling set appropriately to make your work pleasurable



Free parking inside and near the space.

Coffee / Tea

Tea & Coffee

Recharge yourself with a coffee or your favorite beverage when needed.



Printing and scanning facilities available on request.

* Check the space details page for each space to explore the amenities available at that space

What kind of meeting spaces can I get on GoFloaters?

You have come to the right space if you are looking for a meeting room on rent or a conference room on rent. GoFloaters has meeting spaces of all sizes and for all kinds of meetings. Whether you are looking to just have a team discussion or looking for a room for a presentation or a training session we have you covered. You can also get spaces to conduct your interviews, onboarding of your new employees or conduct workshops at GoFloaters meeting spaces. All of the spaces come equipped with the amenities that help you get going the moment you enter.

  • Flexibility: No long term contracts that block you
  • Cost Effective: You pay one simple and affordable rent for the space and all the amenities. You can book spaces by the hour. No need to book a space for half a day if you need a space only for 2 hours.
  • Pay-per-use: This is something unique to GoFloaters where we have made the choicest meeting and conference rooms on rent by the hour.
  • Location choice: With thousands of options available you can get a meeting room or conference room where you need it
  • Community: Coworking spaces are the breeding ground for strong communities of entrepreneurs and freelancers

Why should I use the GoFloaters app to book?

GoFloaters has been in the space of helping individuals and teams find flexible and affordable workspaces for over 6 years now. GoFloaters was started with a vision to help anyone get an office space when they want, where they want and within their budget. We set out to build office spaces for a distributed world where individuals and teams should be able to work near home.

GoFloaters Meeting Spaces Advantage

Pay as you use

Pay as you use

Largest Network

Largest Network



Work near home

Work near home

No contracts

No contracts

Partner benefits

Partner benefits

How to select the right meeting room for my purpose?

Selecting an appropriate meeting space is essential to organizing effective and fruitful events. A number of factors are important in this decision-making process, including the size of the room, location, amenities, and booking possibilities. It's critical to take into account both the meeting's objectives and participant count when choosing a space that will suit everyone's needs and facilitate the planned activities. An efficient meeting can be ensured by evaluating the location's convenience, amenities, and technical setup. The appropriateness of the selected meeting location is further improved by transparent pricing and flexible booking options, which promote productive teamwork and communication.

  1. Location: Choose a convenient location to minimize travel time for attendees. Understand how your attendees will be traveling. Do you need a space near a metro station or do you need a space that is situated on the main road.

  2. Room Size: Ensure the room can comfortably accommodate all participants. Workshops need larger space for participants to move around.

  3. Facilities: Assess the availability of technical equipment, such as projectors and screens, as well as amenities like high-speed internet access.

  4. Purpose of the Meeting: Consider the intended activities and requirements of the meeting. The seating arrangement, ambience and amenities you will need would depend on the purpose. For example a board meeting would need a premium space with ample car parking facilities.

  5. Booking Options: Look for flexible booking options that suit varying scheduling needs. You can book spaces by the hour or by the day on GoFloaters.

  6. Pricing: Opt for transparent pricing to avoid hidden costs and ensure affordability. GoFloaters pricing is all inclusive. You do not pay for amenities such as projector or whiteboard separately. All of the GoFloaters spaces provide you with complimentary coffee and tea.

  7. Ratings and Feedback: Look at the rating and feedback provided by other users for the meeting rooms to understand the experience that you will get in that space.You can sort our space listings based on ratings.

Have a question? We have the answer

  1. What are the advantages of booking a meeting room via GoFloaters?

    Avoid the trouble of getting in touch with certain spaces! You may browse thousands of meeting rooms on our site with GoFloaters. Check features, costs, and locations in one convenient location to select the ideal venue for your gathering. Booking is safe and quick, and you get a confirmation straight away. In addition, our committed support staff is always on hand to address any queries you may have. GoFloaters saves you time and effort by streamlining the meeting space reservation procedure. You get the lowest price guarantee.

  2. How do I book a meeting room?

    Pop in your location or select the city in which you need a meeting room to search for meeting spaces. Use our extensive filters to narrow your search. You can book your meeting room of choice instantly by clicking the Book Now button.

  3. How much in advance can I book a meeting room?

    You can book a meeting room just 1 hour before your meeting start time even. We would recommend that you book at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that the meeting room is secured for you and you have enough time to plan the logistics.

  4. Can I book a meeting room on the weekend?

    Many of our meeting rooms are available on Saturdays. Only a few of them are available on Sundays also. It is advisable to book your meeting room for weekends in advance.

  5. How do I book a meeting room with a certain amenity?

    You can use filters on our website to choose spaces with specific amenities like parking, projector or whiteboard.

  6. How can I access the meeting room that I reserved?

    You need to carry your booking confirmation in the app or booking confirmation email that you get from GoFloaters. You also need to carry a government issued photo ID proof along. That is all that you need to gain access to the space.

  7. How do I modify or cancel a booking?

    Till you make the payment, you can cancel the booking. After you have made the payment, you need to contact GoFloaters support team through the chat option to cancel the booking. The support team can also help you with rescheduling.

  8. Are there any cancellation charges or penalties?

    You can refer to the cancellation FAQs for our cancellation policy.

  9. What is your guest policy for meeting room bookings?

    You can bring as many guests as the capacity of the meeting room you have booked.

  10. Is coffee and tea included in the pricing?

    All meeting rooms, discussion rooms and conference rooms that GoFloaters provide complimentary coffee and tea..

  11. What's the difference between a discussion room, meeting room and conference room?

    Discussion room is meant for 2 to 4 people. These rooms usually are compact in nature and don't come equipped with a whiteboard or projector. Meeting rooms are rooms with smaller capacity ranging from 6 seats to 10 seats. They come equipped with a projector and whiteboard. Conference rooms are typically larger rooms equipped with technology for formal presentations, client meetings, or larger gatherings.

  12. How do I connect to the internet?

    Different coworking spaces have different mechanisms to provide WiFi access. Some of them have guest WiFi that you can connect to with your mobile number. Some of them specifically send the WiFi credentials to your email id.

  13. Where do I make the payment?

    Bookings made on GoFloaters are prepaid in nature. You need to make the payment before you access the space. You can pay on the website using your credit card, debit card, netbanking, UPI and Wallets.

  14. Are there any additional charges to pay for the meeting room at the venue?

    No additional charges need to be paid at the venue. In some spaces parking is chargeable.

  15. What if I need to extend the duration of my booking?

    You can make an additional booking for the duration that you want to extend your booking by. If the same space is available, we would be able to provide the same to you for the extended duration.

  16. Do you provide a GST invoice?

    Yes, we can provide you with a GST invoice for the payment. Our support team would be happy to help you with this.