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GoFloaters WorqFlexi App for Slack

GoFloaters helps you and your teams gain instant access to work and meeting spaces across India.

🗺 Widest network of office spaces
GoFloaters offers 2100 spaces from 300 brands of coworking across 43 Indian cities. We the the widest network of ondemand work and meeting spaces.

🎟 On-demand and instant bookings
We specialise in on-demand bookings. Book a desk or a meeting room and get instant confirmations.

💳 Pay-per-use pricing
You pay for the space that you have used. Nothing more and nothing less. Say no to capital expenses on office real estate.

🚫 No contracts or deposits
No need to sign any contracts with any coworking space. No need to pay deposits and lock in your capital. We have taken care of all the partnerships for you. You just signup with us and start booking instantly.

🤝 Foster collaboration
Team members can see where the rest of their teams are working out of. Meeting rooms can be booked for in-person collaboration. Team members can tag others while book and notify them that they are going to be at the office.

👨‍💼 Know who and which teams are using
Understand how your teams are using the office. Understand which team needs more in-person collaboration and which employees need access to workspaces near their home.

📈 Take data driven decisions
Understand the data patterns emerging from the bookings. Answer questions like :

  • What are the favaorites days for work
  • When do people want to meet in-person
  • How is the usage by one team compare against the other
  • How is the usage by one city compare against the other
Make data driven decisions to tweak your hybrid remote approach.

Installation and Usage Instructions

GoFloaters app for Slack is for WorqFlexi customers of GoFloaters only. Before you install this app kindly ensure that your organization has a valid WorqFlexi acocunt with GoFloaters.

  • Ask you Slack administrator to add GoFloaters app for Slack to your workspace
  • Launch GoFloaters app for Slack from the workspace to check the spaces that have been approved for you to reserve
  • Change the city if you have to get the spaces in that city
  • Make your reservation by clicking the "Book Now" button
  • Fill out the form to reserve your space
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