8 Reasons why Hybrid Work is the future of a mobile workforce

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Imagine working from any place you feel the most productive - a private cabin, coworking work desk, a workcafe or a meeting room, or your home, that makes you the most focused, productive, and creative? This is the blueprint that hybrid work model aims to achieve.

Hybrid work is designed to prioritise flexibility, efficiency and control over work-life balance.

In textual explanation, a hybrid workplace is a healthy mix of in-person office (environment) working and remote working. It is a model that has been brining remote workers and (interested) on-site workers together to work and sustain as a thriving unit. The seamless integration of this progressive transition making the workforce empowered and ensuring meaningful contribution to the business growth. When a team is charged, there is no stopping success, right?

When a company is adapting to a hybrid working model, there are some key pointers that need to be met - have open communications, invest in the right tools (tech and otherwise), expand talent onboarding, concentrate on employee experience, and organise timely reviews, track goals and performance. These are the basic criteria that make the transition to a flexible workplace seem smooth. Now we are clear on the fact that the idea of a hybrid workplace is manifesting, we should also see how fairly it will benefit all the parties involved.

Employees: Advantages of a hybrid workspace

✔️ Networking and collaborations: In-person collaborations ensure people thrive in the flexible work era. Meeting and coworking spaces are the powerhouse for getting together. When sit together in a meeting room, it increases your chances of collaboration, thereby expanding your knowledge. You serve your best for your team, company while also gathering and building stronger bonding with colleagues that goes a long way.

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✔️ Increased creativity: When you are not bound within a cubicle or within the same office, you become more creative and productive. When you work at a convenient location, the stress if off thereby boosting your capacity to perform better.

✔️ Work-life balance: This right here is the reason hybrid working achieves such high strides. It gives you the opulence to manage work and life at a pace that is comfortable for you. This negates stress, and pressure and offers mental health benefits.

Advantages of a hybrid workspace

Employers: Advantages of a hybrid workspace

✔️ Cost cutting: With the workforce alternating between home, meeting rooms, and office, the infrastructure costs like electricity and other expenses are reduced. These reduced costs could generate better investments, better employee salaries, and expansion. When you rent meeting rooms for a day, the cost is comparatively lower than when a team spends an entire day at the office.

✔️ Increased productivity: When an employee is not worried about traffic, family management, and other such distractions, he/she becomes even more productive. This is just good for both the company and the individual alike.

✔️ Diverse talent: This is one major aspect that thrives because of hybrid working. With no limitation on location, a company has the luxury to hire talent from diverse locations and backgrounds. Hybrid working becomes an attractive feature in a company's portfolio.

✔️ Builds employee relationships: When an employee realises that an organisation has taken steps to better their lives, relationships become better and they are less likely to quit. Given the era of the great resignation, this could aid in the company's benefit. The availability of meeting rooms in cities is a sizable advantage.

✔️ Scope for growth: When a company leans towards coworking spaces, this becomes an opportunity for growth and projection. These avenues offer spaces where you can conduct workshops, brainstorming sessions, meetings, and even host celebrations from time to time.

Disadvantages that needs to be addressed to bridge the gap

disadvantages that needs to be addressed to bridge the gap

🔻 Lack of strategies: How much ever this is spoken about and practised, most companies lack a good strategy. They seem overwhelmed and leave out several key aspects that make this model wholesome.

🔻 Lack of control: Out of sight, out of mind is what some managers seem to believe when- full-time employees become remote workers. But an important value when it comes to hybrid working is trust. Once that is established, there is no stopping you.

🔻 Lack of immediate communications: This is one disadvantage that needs many tools to be tackled correctly. This can be for both, the company to its employees and within employees as well. Having regular meetings, and generating non-judgemental feedback are some of the few solutions to start with.

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Hybrid working and the future

Emerging trends prove that hybrid working is the future. Let us also look at it from this angle, as a step towards a sustainable future. People working from meeting rooms and areas of convenience have shown beyond doubt profitable margins. People appear happier and businesses flourish. It offers diverse organisational culture and promotes better bonds. Millennials prefer companies that have a hybrid work model while post covid, most of the employees have started chasing them. This is why meeting rooms and coworking spaces have been thriving and have been bridging the collaboration gap.

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