1 Practical Way to Solve Your WORK FROM HOME Problems for Good

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Who are you? Are you an enterprise remote employee, a start-up, freelancer, or any other professional looking for workspace? Then, this is the blog to read.

In this blog, we are going to help you understand what is a coworking space and why coworking spaces are important for a peaceful existence.


Flexibility at work is something that we had always desired. The COVID-19 pandemic was a tipping point for digital transformation across sectors. In a matter of time, it changed the way we worked. Since the COVID-19, teleworking has taken a quantum leap. It has given us the flexibility to work and freedom to choose our environment of work. Although, reports suggest otherwise.

Remote workforces are struggling to balance with continued work-from-home. At the beginning everything seemed enchanting like a dream career and never before independence – no micromanaging boss sitting on our head, waking up as and when, no commuting hassles, working out of bed, lungi, shorts, and pyjamas all day. But as weeks and months passed, prolonged work from home threatened our well-being – mental fatigue, burnouts, and isolation. Round-the-clock office work, lack of social life, procrastination and constant distractions has psyched out daily lives.

The only way out of this despair is separating work from home and compartmentalizing lives. One needs to draw a definite line between professional time and personal time.

Having kids around you during meetings is an acceptable norm, but continuous interruptions can challenge your daily productivity or be an annoyance to the teams particularly during the critical day. Or vice-versa, technology fatigue can harm your familial happiness.

So, how do you overcome these challenges without forcing yourself to office campuses or traditional ways of working?

Future of Work

The future of working is Remote Work. The future of workspace is coworking spaces. The rise of coworking spaces has opened newer opportunities for remote workforces and not just freelancers and start-ups who have been soliciting the power of flexible spaces for more than a decade.

Telecommuting, technology advancements and smarter ways of working have revolutionized the workspace needs. Remote and distributed teams are experiencing happiness with coworking and meeting spaces by walking or cycling to office spaces in their neighbourhood, improved productivity, collaborating with teams in-person for project discussions and brainstorming, networking, and connecting with other remote workers.

Now, you might ask the question, can’t I just go to a random coffee shop and start working? Absolutely, some coffee shops do offer walk-ins to sit and work, but nothing can beat a well-structured work café or coworking space.


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In the last 2 years, businesses have debated on how to navigate the future of remote working. The recent change in this mode of working is businesses are now experimenting with a hybrid work model, where remote workforces are being allowed to work from home or work from anywhere for certain days and for some days of the week report to the office campus.

To counter the prolonged work-from-home, many big enterprises and small to medium companies are offering hybrid work models and reaping the benefits of flexible and collaborative spaces. By blending in pay-per-use plug and play offices, hot desks for employees and meeting rooms for weekly team meetings, companies are creating the much-needed motivation and positive impact.

Large enterprises with distributed teams are also exploring one an alternative hub and spoke model of working. Corporates are renting coworking spaces as their branch of office and getting their remote employees to work in-person. Companies are seeing success in such models – be it within cities or spread across regions.



Let’s be honest with ourselves, nothing is cheaper than being at home. However, for working professionals’ productivity and synchronised work remains the crucial goals. If you are unable to achieve the desired results and stress out every single day – then it demands a new way of dealing.

Appropriate physical workplace significantly influences your performance. Great energy and positive vibes lead to success. You need to be careful with the work environment you choose.

The cost of coworking space, cabin rooms or meeting space are much cheaper than the office leasing or the expense of risking your career, losing your confidence or your output. In fact, companies can save more than 40% on operational costs. So, whoever you are, even if you are an individual employee, then this makes more sense, and we recommend investing in on-demand flexible workspace rather than long-term commitments. This proposition will save individuals and businesses a lot of money because you would pay for the time to use and not the unoccupied period. The flexible spaces are professional, well-equipped, and closer to homes than tech park campuses.


Just like the entrepreneur, freelancers and many other professionals, remote employees have a wide range of workplace solutions. The choices are widening and, in many cases, to solve the 'space' problem of employees, companies and managers are incentivizing. So, seize this opportunity and resolve your ‘space’ problem.

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