6 Secrets You Will Want to Know About What Makes Coworking Spaces Great

Shyam Nagarajan / Reading Time: 3 mins

Its time to step out and explore the Hybrid Choices .

To start with, coworking spaces are awesome because there's literally a space to meet every person's requirements outside of home, around you neighbhourhood. Are you a someone who WFH or writer working on the next great Indian novel or a graphic artist designing a masterpiece? Check into a coworking café or restaurant that is casual and cosy, with plenty of great vibes to fuel your creativity.

Do you own a start-up and require an on-demand office in a suitable area that won't break the bank? Instead of investing on long-term office real estate, credits to the global acceptance of Remote Work, it might be the best time to rent a office or meeting space that comes jam-packed with amenities. If you're a consultant or salesperson, who ought to spend time on outdoor meetings its time to think beyond parking lots and hotel lobbies, drop in at a conveniently located private cabin or a hotdesk.

While we are flourishing with remote work, people are yearning for in-person meeting and the collaboration opportunities that made work even more exciting. Maybe it is time to rethink and realise the new concept of on-demand office & meeting spaces whether you need to make a presentation to investors or hold a workshop for the employees or even host a party to celebrate closing a deal, there are conference rooms, training halls and event spaces available, all of which come under the umbrella of coworking spaces.

See, I wasn't exaggerating when I said there's a coworking space for every person, every team. And while the various spaces serve diverse purposes there are three common factors that tie them all together - comfortable seating, plug points, and Wi-Fi.


Then you have the coworking spaces that come loaded with frills and amenities that elevate it from being just functional to being great!

Amazing design

Optimal layout and lighting and the best utilization of space can set a coworking space above the competition. A well-designed space with dedicated workspaces, greenery, and decorative touches can inspire you to work.

Prime location

Real estate is expensive and renting an office in a popular locale will probably be way beyond one's budget. Thankfully, there are coworking cafés and shared offices situated in coveted locations. So, you can work out of a good address without spending a bomb.

Ergonomic furniture

Yup, all coworking spaces offer seating. But there are coworking spaces with furniture that's not just easy on the eye but is also ergonomic and functional. And if you sit behind a table for hours, you know how important that is. A chair with lumbar support and comfortable cushioning allows you to work without feeling the hours go by.


The availability of amenities such as a projector, a scanner, a whiteboard and a printer, etc. at a coworking space is always a plus, especially, if you need to make a presentation or hold a workshop. This way you don't have to invest in equipment and can use that money in more useful pursuits instead.

Extra Facilities

Parking onsite, different types of workspaces (such as private cabin, shared offices) within the same building, membership passes, and tie-ups and discounts with partnered companies are all additional perks, offered by some coworking spaces. This certainly adds to the appeal of working out of them.

Time to meet Humans!

After the long hiatus of self-quarantines and social distancing, with the economy hitting back, may be its time to carry on with a life. In a coworking space get a chance to meet and greet people from different professional backgrounds and many at times working together. A good coworking space has a certain ambiance and culture to it. A space that promotes networking and is conducive to collaborating and being productive will always be sought after.

Stay tuned for our next post where I help you pick the right coworking space for you. In the meantime, check out the various coworking spaces we have on offer—from the fully loaded ones to the basic yet functional spots.

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