The Rise Of Coworking Spaces In India

Shyam Nagarajan / Reading Time: 3 mins

Coworking is booming in India, and you don't have to just take my word for it. If you need cold, hard facts to back my opening statement read on (otherwise, you can skip to the next paragraph)! According to this piece in LiveMint, flexible working spaces saw a 277% increase in the first quarter of 2019. And The Economic Times says that coworking companies have leased at least 4 million sq. ft. across eight major cities in the country in the first half of 2019.

The idea of coworking isn't a 'trend' anymore. It isn't only for struggling freelancers working out of cafés while spending a small fortune on coffee and baked goods! It's become a full-blown, mainstream concept. And there are a few reasons why.

Flexibility and Freedom

Perhaps, the main attraction of coworking and why it appeals to so many millennials is the flexibility it offers. After all, the way we work has changed! Our grandparents and, even possibly, our parents could never conceive of sitting in a café and typing away on a laptop and calling it work. But thanks to technology, mobile devices, and Wi-Fi that's where we are!

Many of us work remotely and while on the move. And with coworking spaces you have the freedom to work from anywhere and at any time. I'm a working parent and oftentimes, I check in to a coworking space near my child's school and type away until it's time for pick-up. With coworking spaces, I, and others like me, don't have to let our careers take a backseat!

Coworking spaces work for start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and sales teams as well. You can work as a team or solo, at a convenient location and save on fuel and travel time in the process. This has given rise to various types of coworking spaces to suit different requirements.

Spaces that work for you

The term coworking space has started to encompass more than just an open room where you find a table and work.

  • Are you a coder who needs a spot to feel inspired? Ooh, and some fast Wi-Fi and coffee would be appreciated as well! Plonk yourself at a coworking café near you.
  • Do you need some privacy to brainstorm with your colleague and troubleshoot? Book a shared office space to get your work done.
  • As a start-up founder do you need to make a presentation to investors? Rent a conference room, which comes fully tricked with all the equipment you need, for a couple of hours.
  • These spaces give you access to basic amenities, such as comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and plug points. Many shared offices, meeting and event spaces come equipped with printers, whiteboard, projectors, etc.

Don't break the bank

A major bonus of coworking spaces is the reasonable prices. I don't have to tell you how expensive real estate these days is. Finding an office for your start-up at a good address can set you back lakhs. Then there are complicated leases to be drawn up and hefty security deposits to be paid. With coworking spaces, you can rent a shared office space or even a private cabin for the day or month with minimal fuss. You don't have to invest in equipment as many of these spaces come with amenities.

Given all these reasons it's no wonder that there's a need for more and more coworking spaces. That's why we, at GoFloaters, have curated a list of coworking workspaces, shared offices, private cabins, hot desks, meeting and event spaces, all of which come under the umbrella of coworking spaces. So, whether you're a writer, engineer, or a start-up founder, you can find a spot, drop in and get your work done.

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