5 festive season productivity hacks

Soundhariya Viswanathan / Reading Time: 4 mins

Second half of the year is the most wonderful period, with back-to-back festivities. Here are top tips on how to crack remote work and productivity.

And officially, India begins its series of festivals. Many parts of the country begin their auspicious season by September. Even though since the pandemic, the celebrations have been low-key due COVID-19 restrictions and pandemic crisis, one can already feel the vibe.

As the season approaches, social reports suggest a surge in family and friends’ reunions and party planning, shopping spree, vacation, and getaway schedules. It is time to check if your colleague has already initiated, locked in his/her holiday calendar.

However, many are not that privileged, and it is business as usual for many! And work life is going to be a challenge. Reasons could be many! But remote working employees, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, or freelancers, need to keep rolling, and remain productive. That is not going to be easy.

While you might have many tricks up your sleeve to avoid distractions, tips to handle remote work, but here are 5 more wiser recommendations from us that we have gathered from our most experienced telecommuting customers who co-work

I. Coworking:

Telecommuting and laptops have changed the way we work. It has given the flexibility to work from anywhere and choose our place of work. This flexibility can help to stay focussed and accomplish work faster. Coworking spaces have a natural vibe that motivates and increases productivity. The perfect environment stimulates you to work and accomplish your target.

Co-working spaces are on 80% demand recovery since the pandemic. And this is a better alternative than a random café or sneaking out to your car.

It Is Time You Step-Up
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II. Collaborate in-person:

Collaborate in-person: Admit we all miss our office 🤷‍♂️. (Ya! I read your mind) More than the bricks and walls of the company, we miss the office days and the culture. Our colleagues and the right environment have been the drawing factors to our 9 to 5 jobs. But with the evolved work culture, virtual offices are a new reality. If collaborations and team meeting spaces around your neighbourhood can facilitate the opportunity to ditch your WFH routine for a couple of days or two, why not? One among the million meetings that you have during the festive season, could be at a meeting space nearby along with colleagues who want to work together. Additionally, you get the fun of meeting them and reliving office campus memories and appreciating the day.

Imagine this 👉 the frenzy surrounding the 10-day festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is overwhelming across India specifically western cities Mumbai, Pune, etc. Wouldn't it be convenient to walk to a Meeting Room in Mumbai or Meeting Space in Pune to get productive best?

Be Nice To Your Teams
Working from collaborating space through GoFloaters can make meetings, brainstorming sessions, and board meetings easier and nicer. With state-of-art-equipment and rooms, there are more perks than irritation and unwanted tension.

III. Schedule vis a vis family time:

Be realistic with your office timing. You might be the CXO of your enterprise or business, but everybody loves to spend time with family and enjoy the festivities. To avoid conflict in fun, it would be sensible to match your calendar with them. In addition to serving your personal needs, it will help streamlining and scheduling with your colleagues and teams. So, help yourself to help others.

IV. Fix your goals:

To achieve sustainable work from home or hybrid work results, setting goals is important. One must have clarity, prioritize, and set achievable goals. With so many things happening around you, there are chances that you might want to be light on work. So, have a clear realistic to-do list of tasks during the season.

V. Deadlines:

Deadlines help with organising tasks and achieving objectives. Setting the timeline for tasks is as important as setting goals. Set reasonable goals especially during these times. Discuss with your manager, team, and set reasonable deadlines. Avoid over committing and unnecessary pressures as it can impact work culture.

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During the festive period, it is important to achieve work-life balance. In the current circumstance, it is important that you have control over personal and professional time. Technology has enabled us to work remotely while at the same time achieving work-life harmony is crucial to the life we live and work for.

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