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10 best cafes with free WiFi in Chennai

November 30, 2019 | Shyam Nagarajan

10 best cafes with free WiFi in Chennai

Chennai audience has opened up to the concept of mixing dining with work at cafes. Cafe Coworking as a concept has caught in Chennai after it became the de facto options for meetings in Bangalore . Many cafe owners have realised the fact that it all finally boils down to the experience that they provide of which food is a just a part. WiFi seems to be a good amenity to offer specifically to the mobile workforce that is hopping onto cafes to catch up professionally or to just crack away on their laptop.

So here is the GoFloaters Top 10 of the cafes that provide you with free WiFi that you can work out of.

  1. Writer’s Café – Gopalapuram

    • This place has become the abode for writers and voracious readers. Many book launches happen here too. Get a cuppa coffee and your free WiFi to hack away on your laptop.
  2. Ciclo Cafe – Koturpuram

    • This is probably Chennai’s only cycle themed cafes. The seating here is super comfortable to help you be on top of your work for hours at a stretch.
  3. Backyard Cafe – Adyar

    • No list of interesting cafes in Chennai can afford not to have this cafe in the list. This is Namma Chennai’s “anti-cafe” where you pay for the time and not for the coffee. Yes the coffee is included into the pay-per-hour space model. Be sure to checkout the interesting events that keep happening here.
  4. Tryst Cafe – ECR

    • Yet another quaint cafe along ECR. While they have an interesting menu, the ambiance is what takes it away for this cafe. Work indoors or outdoors to get cracking away.
  5. 11o Cafe – Kandanchavadi

    • How can we miss OMR from this list. This road has become the abode of the tech talent in Chennai. Checkout the cute little 11o Cafe in Kandanchavadi. If you are a coffee lover then be sure to speak to the hosts on the secrets of making yourself the best coffee at home.
  6. Blah Cafe – Nungambakkam

    • Tea Trails is a bright and cheerful place to work out of. There’s plenty of seating to choose from. It’s the perfect place to ideate and work, or hold a meeting over some hot tea.
  7. Cafe Central – T Nagar

    • Bright, colourful and casual, this is a great space to find a seat and work away. The ambience is sure to get your creative juices flowing and it doesn’t hurt to have food and drink on hand. There’s outdoor seating and free parking as well.
  8. Atlantis Coffee – Anna Nagar Great décor and ambience is what you get when you walk into The Atlantis Coffee. From the seating to the lighting—everything is well designed. Working here is sure to get your creative juices flowing!
  9. Jugo Cafe – Thiruvanmiuyur

    • This neighbourhood café is a warm and colourful space. If you live in the area this is sure to become your go-to-spot when you need to work or have a meeting.
  10. Nemesis Bistro – Nungambakkam

    • Arknemesis Gaming Bistro is conveniently located at Ispahani Center and very close to MOP Vaishanv College. A super cool space with futuristic vibes and creative interiors, this is the place to have a meeting or a brainstorming session. There’s a projector available if you need to make a presentation to your team members. Need to shake things up? You can ideate and exchange ideas over a game of pool or a video game.
  11. Craveyard Cafe – Adyar

    • Everyone loves a bonus. So here is the 11th in the list!
    • Not only does it boast a great location, comfortable interiors this café has the bonus of being pet friendly. The homey vibes adds to the atmosphere and will help you relax while you work. So, drop in and get your tasks done!

If you are someone who wants the WiFi but not the big food bill then there are choices available through GoFloaters for you. Come and join the 1000s of freelancers and startups that have started to leverage the on-demand cafe coworking pioneered by GoFloaters. Book your seats for as low as Rs 25 / hr and get power points and high-speed WiFi to get you going.

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