15 most popular coworking spaces in Chennai

for remote workers & distributed teams

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Situated along the southeast coast of India, along the Bay of Bengal, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is known to be bustling with activity. Once a military garrison and trading outpost for the East India Company, today Chennai has been nicknamed the 'Detroit of India' and is home to 1/3rd of India's automobile industry.

A prime destination, not only in the region but across the country. Chennai is one of the top 5 most developed cities in India. The top paying jobs in Chennai are taken by a variety of engineers, such as software and mechanical engineers.

Work spaces in Chennai come in a variety of forms, and provide an excellent opportunity to step away from the coastal cities heat and dive into work, undisturbed

πŸ’» GoOffice 1104 - Vantage coworking

πŸ’» GoOffice 1043 - Reach Offices

πŸ’» GoOffice 1045 - Reach Offices

πŸ’» GoOffice 1079 - Senate Space

πŸ’» GoOffice 1192 - Easton media

πŸ’» GoOffice 1348 - Senate Spaces

πŸ’» GoOffice 1034 - Square Feet Coworking

πŸ’» GoOffice 1065 - Workamuse

πŸ’» GoOffice 1302 - Artisans Lab

πŸ’» GoOffice 1081 - The Affordable Place

πŸ’» GoOffice 1313 - The Board Room

πŸ’» GoOffice 1350 - Senate Space

πŸ’» GoOffice 1078 - Senate Workspace

πŸ’» GoOffice 1143 - Yoodobuzz

GoOffice 1104 - Vantage coworking

GoOffice 1104 - Vantage coworking

State-of-the-art interiors, cutting-edge technology, accessibility as well as security.

Rs 249/- day

GoOffice 1043 - Reach Offices


Reach Offices is situated in a prime area of Teynampet in Chennai. The building is just a few mins walk from the nearest metro station too. This workspace can be rented for the month or on daily basis. It also has extended timings, so you can get work done at 7 AM or 10 PM, depending on your need. Reach Office is also one of the GoFloaters member favourite spaces.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1043 - Reach Offices

Rs. 249/day

GoOffice 1045 - Reach Offices

Nandanam (Anna Salai)

This shared office space gets full marks for amenities and convenience. It comes filled with equipment like printer, copier, whiteboard among others. It's also located near the metro, has free parking, and food and drink can be ordered in. Sounds pretty awesome, right!

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1045 - Reach Offices

Rs. 249/day

GoOffice 1079 - Senate Space

Anna Nagar West

This space has been recently launched and has awesome infra with all the amenities you need. This office allows outside food and offers coffee and tea. Also has Air-conditioning, meeting rooms and power back up!

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1079 - Senate Space

Rs. 299/day

GoOffice 1192 - Easton media


You will be welcomed with bright artwork, design elements and colourful lockers in Easton Media Coworking space. Creative professionals and tech professionals find home in this is a coworking space. With seating for upto 20 people, this is an ideal office whether you're working solo or a part of a startup . There's a pantry on hand and onsite parking, making it even more convenient. The space is also conveniently located near GST road opposite to Jaya TV office. Metro station is also at a walkable distance.

GoOffice 1192 - Easton media

Rs. 249/day

GoOffice 1348 - Senate Spaces

Anna Nagar West

This coworking space is located in Anna Nagar with best working atmosphere and amenities. IT offers free parking.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1348 - Senate Spaces

Rs. 400/day

GoOffice 1034 - Square Feet Coworking


SquareFeet Coworking is that space that has the casual appeal and yet has all the amenities to get super productive. This space is in the heart of Nungambakkam, has every amenity and a stimulating ambience. This space is ideal for startups and entrepreneurs to network, have meetings and work out of. With a pantry and free onsite parking, every need is met here.

Rs. 350/day

GoOffice 1065 - Workamuse


This contemporary shared office space is located in Nungambakkam, and has all the amenities to boost your productivity. We are highly rated and liked by our coworking and cogrowing freelancers and startups

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1065 - Workamuse

Rs. 249/day

GoOffice 1302 - Artisans Lab


This co-working space located in Mylapore gives you a perfect ambiance to work from all day. Located near the metro station, this space has a pantry, offers coffee and tea, and allows outside food. Equipped with high speed wifi, they also offer meeting rooms and have air conditioning.

Rs. 399/day

GoOffice 1081 - The Affordable Place


If you are a startup , artist or a freelancer and need a space to give you some inspiration , this is the perfect stop to get your creative juices flowing. They also offer free parking!

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1081 - The Affordable Place

Rs. 249/day

GoOffice 1313 - The Board Room


Awesome co-working space located in Mylapore providing you a great atmosphere to work from. It is located near the metro station making for an easy commute

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1313 - The Board Room

Rs. 249/day

GoOffice 1350 - Senate Space

Anna Nagar East

This coworking space is located in Anna Nagar with best working atmosphere and amenities.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1350 - Senate Space

Rs. 350/day

GoOffice 1078 - Senate Workspace

Anna Nagar East

This shared office space is located in Anna Nagar and has got all the amenities for you.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1078 - Senate Workspace

Rs. 299/day

GoOffice 1143 - Yoodobuzz


This shared office is located in Nungambakkam with the best working atmosphere and amenities.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ GoOffice 1143 - Yoodobuzz

Rs. 299/day

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