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Office when you need it where you need it!

With GoFloaters Pass get access to India’s largest network of coworking spaces. One pass to unshackle yourself from hefty office rents and contracts. Gift yourself stress-free productive workspaces. Find spaces near home, socialise and be at your productive best.


Reduce your overheads

Never pay monthly rents, just pay-per-use


Improve productivity

Get away from work from home challenges


Get the best of bothworlds

Productivity of office without the commute

Get freedom and flexibility

Don’t take our word for it

Freedom to set up my office

Gives me the freedom to set up my office across cities

Vinay Pushpakaran

Vinay Pushpakaran

Future Impact Learning

Plug and Play

Never have to worry about Internet or Plug Points.

Arpitha Ramani

Arpitha Ramani

GE Healthcare

External meeting made easy

My go-to platform for all our external meetings

Balesh Raghurajan

Balesh Raghurajan

Effilor Consulting Services

Working from home or living from work?

Individuals are over-working and reporting higher levels of fatigues when working from home.
Burnout is a very real challenge in a remote-first world. Not anymore.


Office space got better

Eliminate advances, contracts, coworking rents, utililty charges etc with our flat pricing.


Countrywide network

Get instant access to 3000+ vetted workspaces across 40+ cities, pan-India.


Fully loaded spaces

Never worry about fast internet, parking, pantry, utilities and furniture. We cover it all.

Priority Support

Priority Support 24x7

We’re always available to ensure your team-mates have the best experience.

One Bill

Get an office instantly

Book your space instantly and work near home when you want and for the time you want.


Vetted for COVID Safety

We make sure that partner spaces comply with stringent precautions against COVID-19.

Re-inventing coworking

GoFloaters has doubled down on serving India’s 15 million freelancers, and creating a co-work ecosystem powerfully returning co-working to its initial vision


Uber for the Gig Economy

Discovering a property that is most suitable - and affordable - can often be tedious. But, we found a fix in the GoFloaters app.

Your Story

A sustainable work model

Pay-as-you-use service app that tech start ups, freelancers, artists, hobbyists and sales and enterprise teams can use,

The Hindu

Remote work ≠ Working from home

Let’s face it. Working from home is stressful, distracting and lonely for most people. Sure, things get done. Change the scene, step out and work near home to have the best of both worlds.

2000 Spaces


Vetted Workspaces

500 Booking


Bookings per day

40+ Cities


Cities in India

15000 Customers



Indian Map

That’s why we built the largest workspace network in the country

Get a flexible, plug & play workspace when you want, where you want for the time you want. Office just got better with no contracts and security deposits.

GoFloaters Passes

5 Day Pass
5 days of hot desk use
No bonus days
worth over ₹1.5 Crores
No expiry of credits
₹ 1250 + GST
Most Popular
30 Day Pass
30 days of hot desk use
Pay for 27 days and get 3 bonus days
worth over ₹1.5 Crores
No expiry of credits
₹ 6750 + GST
10 Day Pass
10days of hot desk use
No bonus days
worth over ₹1.5 Crores
No expiry of credits
₹ 2500 + GST

** You get the number of days mentioned above when you book hot desks priced at ₹ 250 / day.