Segment Startup Program

Amazon Web Services

If your company is <2 years since founding and raised <$5M & a member of the GoFloaters community - you are eligible for Segment’s Startup Program, which provides partner deals in 35 companies offering over $1M in perks & discounts.

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Here are the deals:

AWS Redshift - Cloud - $25k in free credits for AWS Redshift

Zendesk - Helpdesk - One free year of The Zendesk Suite (Support, Chat, Talk and Guide)

Google BigQuery - Data Warehouse - $20K in credits, good for 12 months. $80k more once you consume 75%

Hotjar - Experience Analytics - 12-month extended trial of the Hotjar Plus plan

Stripe - Payments - $20,000 in fee-free payments processing

MongoDB - DB as a Service - $5,000 in MongoDB Atlas credit, 1:1 consulting with a Technical Advisor, & more

Drift - Live Chat - Get the Drift Pro plan, bots and all, and 10 user seats for 93% off

Vervoe - AI -Powered Skill Testing - 90% off the Growth plan for 12 months

Apptimize - AB Testing - $995/mo for Apptimize’s Basic Plan with a 30-day free trial.

Split - AB Testing - 12 month trial of the platform edition

Adjust - Attribution - $2,000 off or 2-month free trial, with a 1-year contract signed

Attribution App - Attribution - 90% off the first year up to 500k MTU

Chartio - Business Intelligence - 75% off the Startup and Growth plans for 1 year

Looker - Business Intelligence - 60% off list price

Mode - Business Intelligence - $12,000 credits for 12 months, free White Label Embeds, then 50% graduation discount in year one.

Seekwell - Business Intelligence - 3 months free, 90% off for the next 9 months

Intercom - CRM - Messaging Access to Intercom’s pro products and custom bots for $49/month for up to 12 months.

Branch - Deep Linking - Access to the Startup Plan, which is $59/mo. up to 50k MAUs.

Carta - Equity Management - Free captable subscription plan

FullStory - Experience Analytics - Fullstory for free for 12 months (5,000 sessions, 3-month data retention, 20 seats, Segment integration)

Clerky - Legal - Lifetime Package for only $699.

ActiveCampaign - Messaging - Get a free ActiveCampaign Professional Plan for 12-months - Messaging - Basic plan free for 12 months (up to 12k profiles), and 90% off 12 months of Premium (up to 100k profiles).

Indicative - Messaging - 3 months of Indicative Pro (the analytics platform is free for non-Pro plans)

MoEngage - Messaging - 90% off the premium plan for one year

Vero - Messaging - 90% off for the first year up to 200,000 subscribers

PersistIQ - Outbound Sales - 50% off a yearly plan (Pro or Starter) or 30% off a monthly plan (up to three months)

Brex - Payments - $1,000 signup bonus and waived card fees for life

ClearBrain - Predictive Analytics - 100,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) for Free & many more

Amplitude - Product Analytics - 20M events/mo for 12 months for Free

Mixpanel - Product Analytics - 250,000 monthly tracked users (MTUs) for FREE & many more ($60,000 in annual value)

Lester Lee - Sales Coaching - Free go-to-market consultation/advice on hiring early salespeople

Dr. Cameron Sepah - Founder Coaching - Discounted monthly subscription with pricing as a sliding scale per stage

If you are part of our community and wish to avail this benefit

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