Meeting spaces in Teynampet, Chennai

If you are looking for meeting spaces or conference rooms in Teynampet, Chennai then you have come to the right page. We have meeting spaces in Teynampet, Chennai starting from Rs 250 / hr.

GoSpace 1212 - Reach Offices

8 Seater Meeting Room | Teynampet

This meeting space located in Teynampet, Chennai can seat up to 8 people which is suitable for team meetings & board meetings.

Starting from

399 per hour
2400 per day

GoSpace 1215 - Reach Offices

40 Seater Training Room | Teynampet

This training room located in Teynampet, Chennai with basic amenities can seat up to 40 people which is suitable for conducting workshops & trainings.

Starting from

1199 per hour

GoSpace 1288 - Reach Offices

20 Seater Conference Room | Teynampet

This is a conference room that can seat up to 20 people. Located in Teynampet.

Starting from

1199 per hour