How NotionPress increased team bonding during the pandemic

Till the pandemic struck NotionPress had its office in Chennai and all its staff were working out of the office. As pandemic struck and the country went into lockdown, they too had to quickly switch to remote working. Employees of NotionPress at that point in time were mostly from various cities in Tamil Nadu.

The leadership team at NotionPress were in general happy with the team's productivity during the lockdown. They faced two broad challenges. Some of their employees, who were working from tier 2 cities, faced frequent power and network and power outages. As NotionPress was continuing to grow during the lockdown and were onboarding new employees. Remote onboarding of new employees was proving to be a challenge.

As India was about to unlock from the first wave of the pandemic NotionPress signed up with GoFloaters For Teams primarily to provide their employees who were working in tier 2 cities with an option to step out and work at a facility near their homes to overcome power and network issues. They called these days "go-float" days. Just around the time, the leadership realised that remote working was working for NotionPress by and large and that remote working can give them the advantage of hiring from anywhere.

NotionPress team decided to go all-in on remote working and they wanted GoFloaters to help them with coworking spaces and meeting spaces across India wherever their current and future employees would be. As India unlocked the employees of NotionPress were given GoFloaters credits to use a near home GoFloaters coworking space as per their convenience and team leads were given the choice to host in-person meetings whenever they wanted at a space of their choice.

A few patterns of usage emerged in the weeks to come. Employees who wanted to step out and take a break from the Work From Home monotony checked-in into a nearby GoFloaters facility once or twice a week. Team members who loved working with each other came together at mutually convenient locations and started to work together once a week.

The NotionPress leadership felt that they were still missing out on the informal work atmosphere at the office. They wanted to bring back the water cooler conversations. At the same time they wanted the new employees to come in and meet their team and their leads. GoFloaters worked with NotionPress to create "together days" where the entire leadership of NotionPress, core team members and the new employees would collocate and work together for 3 to 4 days in a month. This arrangement brought back all the water cooler conversations and also made the new employees feel at home and feel included. Naveen, the CEO of NotionPress, remarked in a meeting "I can now feel the magic of water cooler conversations."

The NotionPress leadership felt that they were still missing out on the informal work atmosphere at the office

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About NotionPress

NotionPress is India's #1 publishing platform. Authors can publish for free in both eBook & paperback formats. They have helped 30,000+ authors publish their books & make over 50 Crores in book sales. They enable authors to sell in 30,000+ stores. NotionPress is a Chennai based company headed by Naveen Kumar.

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GoFloaters for Teams helps distributed and remote teams get access to pay-as-you-go coworking and meeting spaces. By providing office space on the tap, GoFloaters for Teams is able to reduce the office rental costs by over 80% at the same time providing professional infrastructure when needed, where needed for the time needed. GoFloaters for Teams is operational in 21 cities across India.