How GoFloaters helped the largest sports retailer to hire the best talent!

Check out how the largest sports retailer in India is scaling in-person interviews by renting on-demand spaces.

High growth companies need the best talent to be a part of their organisations. Hiring and recruitment hence becomes an important function at such organisations. These organisations have a well honed hiring process.

When the pandemic struck, it created a big problem for such companies to hire.

  • How do you interview people?
  • How do you run assessments?
  • How do you make yourself accessible and approachable to the best of the talent out there?
  • How do you get meeting spaces to conduct the interviews?

The option was always there to run interviews remotely. For a large part of the pandemic this was the only option. As things started to open up, many organisations wanted to resume in person hiring. Now how do you do that when you are not supposed to open up your office? How do you make your company more approachable to where the talent was? What if you are hiring people for a geography that you are already not present in?

Decathlon is a French sporting goods retailer. With 1500+ stores around the world they are the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. They were expanding at a brisk pace in India and were planning to open up stores in many cities of India. They were in a fix on how they could do in-person interviews.

As they say, the first impression is the best impression. When you don't have an office in a city how do you give your interview candidates the best interview experience?

The HR team at Decathlon got in touch with GoFloaters. They wanted some office space spots in Chennai to conduct interviews. Through our app and web platform, they were excited to find ondemand spaces on rent for interviews not just in Chennai but across various locations of interest.

Why GoFloaters worked best for Decathlon

A combination of virtual and one-on-one interviews is being followed in the post pandemic world. But many recruiters still believe in-person interviews offer a higher level of engagement and understanding of the candidate.

Due to the pandemic and newer ways of working, companies are grappling with problems associated with office campuses. But Decathlon conquered the space challenge at its fingertip, choosing the on-demand workspace platform for its interview needs.

Top 5 Benefits of GoFloaters that attracted

Space discovery made easy - the team had access to 100s of spaces. Based on their location convenience they were able to rent a meeting space whenever needed across the cities through a single platform. It is a motivating movement to have a name like Decathlon, exploring and experiencing the benefits of on-demand meeting spaces in Chennai and other cities.

Access to features & amenities - through the platform at a click, the teams were able understand the facilities at the meeting room and access to the tools to conduct interviews.

Ease of Booking – meeting rooms offered by GoFloaters can be booked effortlessly. The app is designed to be easy to use. The team were easily able to reserve, book and make the booking for their space at their fingertip.

Reducing overheads – In the current business scenario, cutting any extra operational cost is a must. Paying huge monthly rentals to spaces can amount to large unnecessary expenses. That is why Decathlon chose GoFloaters to book their space by the hour and by the day, which meant space at 40%-50% cost on any hotel spaces.

Extended Team – One interview may be easy, but with a series of interviews, your hands can be full. With our 24/7 customer support and quick turnaround, we were able to service them to the best and support for any booking related activity: Easing any anxiety for the meeting organiser.

We believe, for start-ups or businesses, shifting to a hybrid work model means optimising meeting spaces. It is crucial in building the most appropriate culture for work. With in-person meeting opportunities, facilities and collaborative spaces, teams can experience a marked improvement in employee morale, productivity, and superior work culture.

Whether you are looking to rent a suitable meeting room for a few hours to interview your candidates or organising a full-day workshop for your employees, GoFloaters enables you to discover the finest workspaces. With 500 + meeting spaces to cater to a one-to-one meeting to an event for 100 people we have it all.

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