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2020 ended. COVID has been around for over a year. The people are over it. Everyone is waiting to get back a sense of normalcy, but that also mean we have the opportunity to create a new normal!

As we emerge into the new Financial Year, many companies around the world are rethinking the way they operate. A modern workstyle that fits the modern age, rather than our antiquated concepts of workspaces from the Industrial era might be a better choice.

Between August - 2020 till March - 2021 we spoke to 300 + companies on their challenges with #WFH and their plans for the future.

Should we go remote? Should we go back to office? Should we let our office lease expire? Are our employees losing the sense of belonging while WFH? What would happen to productivity in the long run? Would we be able to retain employees? What happens to culture?

Above were some of the questions that they were trying to find answer for.

Remote working has become the standard practice during lockdown, and companies can now more easily transition to this way of working! The question is no longer – When will we go back to office; rather what will our new work culture be. With options such as Co-working spaces, shared office spaces and agile offices, employers now have the ability to create a customized work routine that fits their team and organizations.

The logical thing for us to do was to help #HR leaders and CxOs find answers to some of these questions. And what better way to figure it out, than with a free toolkit?

Global companies such as Coinbase, Quora, Twitter and Indian companies such as RPG group, Cavincare, Wingify are all set to go 100% remote-first, adding pressure on other companies to figure out how they plan to work, in order to remain competitive.

WFA Toolkit that HR will Love

Over the last couple of months we at GoFloaters worked with #HR leaders and thought leaders to co-create Work From Anywhere toolkit. We are finally ready to share this with the world. We have come up with a simple toolkit to help you in the process of figuring what your organizations new working style will be!

The toolkit provides you with an exhaustive employee survey template along with result visualizations that will help you better interpret and assess trends among your employees. With questions covering a variety of topics from the way your teams work, communication hurdles and assessing how they and their families have adjusted to them working from home, this survey will help you get an in-depth idea of your employees' transition to remote working.

Developed in partnership with All Remotely, the toolkit not only provides you with valuable insights, but has also been vetted by HR leaders and Future of Work experts. The toolkit, combined with internal HR expertise can help you quickly and easily determine the best work-style for your company, going into the future!

Interested in testing out our toolkit at your company? Drop a message below and our team will get back to you with the toolkit that will help you decide if you'll be looking for co-working spaces, renting a shared office or cancelling your existing lease!

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