3 Best Coworking Spaces in Indore – Hot Desk and Meeting Room

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Coworking spaces in Indore are seeing an influx of remote workers, distributed teams, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. The changing work cultures 🤩 combined with freedom to Work-From-Home or Work-From-Anywhere 💻 has given professionals the liberty to work from their hometown or locations of their choice 🏖️ 🧗🏻‍♀️.Even meeting spaces in Indore are quickly gaining popularity!

In the last one-year, daily rental office spaces in Indore to work near home has been a trending idea. Professionals are seeing the value it can bring to the work-life balance, for both global or locally distributed teams. With our instant pay-per-use model, GoFloaters has become the one-stop shop (or app 📲), helping teams find their coworking and meeting spaces in Indore.

One of the most populated cities in Madhya Pradesh, Indore has the largest economy in the region. The city has consistently ranked in the list of Smart Cities of India with good digital and urban infrastructure. The city is famous not just food but also for start-ups, small & medium businesses and educational hubs. 🏆EngineerBabu, WittyFeed, RackBank, Walkover, TM Store, Feedify, MotionGility, Oye24, Indian Threads, Securitybulls, ShopKirana and Gramophone (Source: Startup Talky) all call Indore home.

So, if you are searching for a great space to work in indore, this list of the best coworking spaces has the answer for you!

💻 Virtual Coworking

💻 The Dice Coworking

💻 Sky Space Coworking

💻 Work Jar Coworking

Virtual Coworking

Take the one where meeting is going on Virtual coworking provides the best of productive and inspiring coworking options in Indore. The space is designed to cater to varied needs of remote teams, start up teams or freelancers. They specialize in dedicated desks, meeting rooms, virtual office, and private cabins.

Virtual coworking is an affordable workspace with premium amenities. It is nestled in the CBD of the city making it easily accessible through public & private transportation🚌.

This space has won our COVID safety badge because it complies with all the COVID safety guidelines issued by the government.

Dedicated Desks at Virtual Coworking

Dedicated Desks are budget friendly options. If you are a freelancer, digital or content creator, or a professional looking for a desk-chair for your day work, then this is an ideal choice.

This is a perfect choice to beat the loneliness blues and get an opportunity to network with professionals from any other sector. Often these opportunities develop into fruitful great business relationships and collaborations – is not it why coworking is famous!

4-Seater Private Cabin at Virtual Coworking

If you are a single, couple of you or a team lesser than four, then this 4-seater private cabin is ideal meeting workspace. One of the cosiest yet comfortable spots that can be booked on daily & monthly basis.

6-Seater Private Cabin at Virtual Coworking

In the evolving remote work or popular hybrid work model, often you need a space that support your team(s) to bring out collaborative ideas. 6-Seater Private Cabin at Virtual Coworking is one such place that celebrates your teamwork. Coupled with best of amenities for uninterrupted working experience including the high-speed internet, power backup, well-lit and hygienic & sanitised spaces.

The Dice Coworking

The Dice Coworking space is a well-furnished flexible office space with hot desk, private cabins, meeting, and conference room. The amenities in the space includes high speed internet with network booster, ☕ unlimited tea/coffee, RO water and LED TV in meeting, conference room. Office and stationary supplies are also providing at affordable charges. The space also has the provision for personal lockers if required.

Located in the busy Vijay Nagar square, The Dice Coworking is an ideal location for a great working environment.

✔️ This space has won our COVID safety badge because it complies with all the COVID safety guidelines issued by the government.

Hot Desk at The Dice Coworking

This coworking space consists of 11-seater dedicated desks great amenities and convenient workspace. The open desks can be booked on daily & monthly basis. It is suitable for start-ups, freelancers and any individuals looking for creative space.

3-Seater Meeting room at The Dice Coworking

If you are looking for picking up an exclusive space for yourself or impress you client for a consulting meeting, then this one is a great option for you. This small yet intimate room is ideal for a 3 people meeting with impressive privacy and comfort.

5-Seater Meeting room at The Dice Coworking

The formal 5-seater is equipped with comfortable seating, hi speed internet, power backup and lots of positive vibes to succeed your hard work.

The meeting room is perfect for small teams looking for a private workspace. The open desks can be booked on daily & monthly basis

This space has won our COVID safety badge because it complies with all the COVID safety guidelines issued by the government.

Sky Space Coworking

Take the post with face mask

A premium fully equipped coworking space is in Vijay Nagar, Indore behind Malhar Mega Mall. Sky Space is suitable for all styles of work, supported by technology expected by a modern business.

The coworking space offers dedicated desk, hot desk, meeting room, conference room, private office, manager cabin, premium desk, serviced offices or pods space and virtual office.

✔️ This space has won our COVID safety badge because it complies with all the COVID safety guidelines issued by the government.

Hot Desk at Sky Space Coworking

Sky space coworking offers flexible and pocket-friendly hot desks. Hot desks allow you flexibility and every day you can have a pleasure of choosing a new chair-desk in case you are looking non-routine. This vibrant workspace will let you explore you explore with productive boundaries and business networking.

3-Seater Private Cabin at Sky Space Coworking | 4-Seater Private Cabin at Sky Space Coworking

Missing your office? Not to worry, Sky Space is an office space near home. Whether it is for your person use, team of 3 or 4 or client meeting this cabin space is well designed to satisfaction. Comfortable seating, high speed wi-fi, air-conditioning and focussed environment as are its plus points.

10-Seater Workpod at Sky Space Coworking

Are you bored of the usual conference or meeting room set-up? Try the 10-seater workpod -premium offering from Sky Space. This is the only compact, ergonomically designed workpods in Indore.

The contemporary and a practical offering is designed to give 10-member team an incredibly unique, fun, and yet productive seating to interact, collaborate and work alongside each other.

The Work Jar Coworking

The Work Jar Coworking is one of the largest and spacious coworking in Indore. Located in key area of Vijay Nagar, the space boasts of contemporary and stylish interiors. Its unique design encourages positive vibes and teamwork.

✔️ This space has won our COVID safety badge because it complies with all the COVID safety guidelines issued by the government.

Hot Desks at The Work Jar

When boredom creeps into to, walk-into a space next door. The hot desk at The Work Jar offers a well-lit work spot, plush chairs, and a perfect ambience to get day’s work done. From entrepreneur to remote worker, this hot desk caters to all.

Meetings & Cabin spaces at The Work Jar

The Work Jar offers one of the finest cabins, meeting, and conferences rooms in Indore. Located at the heart of the city, they offer 3 different-sized meeting rooms

6 - Seater Private Cabin | 10 - Seater Conference Room | 12 - Seater Private Cabin with different prices ranging. Depending on your team strength and squad requirements, these can be booked on an hourly or daily basis.

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Working from the best coworking spaces in Indore

The best coworking spaces in Indore – hot desk and meeting rooms are filling up faster than ever before. There is an increased demand for coworking spaces, reason could be many including reverse migration, focus of the new generation towards freelancing and gig economy and Work-from-Anywhere model. The world-class start-ups rising from the smaller towns and cities. It is time to join the pay-per-use, on demand coworking wagon with no contracts and long-term commitments.

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