What is workation? 6 Scenic recommendations that let you work remotely in 2021

Independent or Team Workations are driving work vacation desires

Soundhariya Viswanathan / Reading Time: 9 mins

With remote work as the new normal here are some suggestions for workation choices in India

Every day is becoming a monotonous routine where we as working professionals are stuck in the rut of work-eat-sleep-repeat pattern. Besides, remote working is just burdening with more workload for an average employee who is used to the office culture because let’s be honest working side-by-side with our colleagues is a different experience.

Every day is becoming a monotonous routine where we as working professionals

At this stage what could one do to break this monotony but at the same time balance business and pleasure? One word, Workation. Business combined with leisure is a solution to break the cycle. But you might say,’ hey we are amid a pandemic, are you crazy?’. It is hard to beat that logic, but with necessary precautions a workation might just be possible.

Here are a few tips we at GoFloaters would like to give you while you plan for a trip to make your remote working experience enjoyable. Let’s begin:

  • Plan ahead – Inform your team, do not vanish
  • Budget your trip – It can be tempting to make unnecessary expenses, but book a trip that’s worth every penny
  • Get best ROI – not just for start-ups, best ROI applies to any workation place you are looking to rent for the next 15-20 days. Make sure you do not run around for everything, you are well-serviced with the right of amenities are available.
  • Give yourself (and your family) time to settle and enjoy
  • Schedule a routine – From waking to sleeping, it is best to schedule if you are on workation. Setting expectations for self (and you family) is a great idea for fab time. Being productive should be your goal too.
  • Pack essentials: In the excitement of workation, dont forget to pack all your work essentials including internet dongle, headphones, hard drives, powerbanks, masks, sanitisers, foldable laptop tables, etc

Okay so half the hurdle is won in preparation but where should I head. What are the safe options for myself and the family where I can work in peace and have a safe good time?

If these are some questions that come up in your mind while planning for your workation, don’t worry we got you covered with the list of best places to spend your zen moment.

Starting from the bottom and working our way up

  • Varkala: When you hear the word ‘Varkala’ can you hear the waves of the ocean hitting the sandy shores, gently washing your feet as you gaze at the unending yet beautiful ocean in front of you as a steady breeze gently hits your face? If the answer is yes, then Varkala is calling you to wash all your stress away with its serenity.

    We have also got you covered on the best option for stay at Maadathil Cottages with a steady wi-fi connection, a reasonable fee, good food, a safe stay where all precautions are being carefully taken, and atlast a great view to enjoy while working.

    Another exotic location for your stay can be Pura Vida Varkala. The property gives a private beach access, luscious lawns and garden. Pura Vida Varakala is a perfect location if you are looking at some relaxation, experiencing yoga and ayurveda benefits. This location you can work hard and play harder. Another option which falls in the lines of quality with this resort is Royal Kazbay resort. The location is popular for beaches and fishing. So, if seafood is your go-to cuisine, it is also time for you to wear the fisher’s hat (literally and figuratively).

  • Coorg: The famous hairpin bends, the rich history of Kodagu, spice plantations, and cascading waterfalls is the perfect getaway from all the ruckus of the city to focus on your work and have a ‘chill time’ with your loved ones (of course it is optional).

    If you are looking for a place with extra health & safety measures, a restaurant within a 2 km radius (they do provide meals but just an additional option to explore), a serene environment to enjoy the environment then Eco Habitat is the spot for you, fellow human. Within a reasonable price range, providing a great user experience along with a steady wi-fi connection, what more to ask for?

    Another perfect location for your workation is Coorg Wilderness Resort and yes, it is as luxurious as it sounds. With 5-star accommodation and a perfect mix of breakfast buffets, bar, and trekking activities, this place is set to give you the much-needed post-work experience which you cannot miss! Or if you are looking for a holy experience with something rich & exotic, you can always try The Tamara Coorg resort for your workation, which has most features as mentioned above plus Igguthappa Temple which is 10 minutes away.

  • Lonavala: Another hill station adds on to the list because why not, winter is coming (I know this reference is getting old now). A quick relaxing road trip for anyone staying in Maharashtra, with plenty of sightseeing from Lion’s point to Celebrity Wax Museum, Lonavla becomes a perfect spot to relax and work simultaneously. 

    With a soothing ambient view, steady Wi-fi, and great sightseeing locations nearby, Casa Mora and Nostravila become some of the best resorts to stay. They also take care of health and safety precautions to ensure you have a safe stay.

  • Diu: Want a safari ride among the wildlife of Gir forest alongside the Diu beach to get your mind off things, then Diu is the spot for your adventurous heart. A perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and earthy colours giving you the boost you need to get out of that burn-out stage.

    For stay, Krishna Resorts can provide you the services you need. With a clean pass, this resort is just 0.5 kms away from the Nagoa Beach and just 2 kms away from the Diu Airport, luxury is at your convenience within a reasonable price range. With many tourist spots nearby, this can be the best option for your Workation.

    You can also opt for Radhika Beach Resort if you are looking for a peaceful workation. Hospitality in this resort is unprecedented. They also have an area completely resorted to kids and their entertainment, and it could be the much-needed break from the digital classes for your kids too. Another place to make your stay memorable in Diu is Kostamar Beach Resort with similar amenities like Radhika Resort, but with an attached swimming pool to swim your problems away after a hectic work schedule.

  • Kasol: What’s a list without Kasol and no, I’m not going to recommend what you already know.

    A hamlet in the district of Kullu, this beautiful place located right next to Parvati river can be the spot for you to work and enjoy the scenic beauty of the river gushing through its way amidst the mountains and you don’t have to be a hippie to love such a view especially during times like this and have a great workation.

    For bonfires and barbeque, along with free Wi-fi, The Hosteller Kasol with its river view makes the perfect spot for your workation to wind up your work and unwind yourself. 

    But if you are looking for a cozy sleep away from the city noises post work, then Kasol Heights can be a great option. Located at Brahma Ganga, the resort is a km away from Manikaran. Within a reasonable price, the stay can make you feel like in heaven. Also, did I mention the resort is close by the river? Well, it is.

    If you are looking for a luxurious option, the perfect spot for your workation is The Himalayan Village. It is also the top choice for tourists. Built in the ancient Kathkuni style, the resort ensures it provides you the best of times.

  • Nainital: Another cold and cozy place in the state of Uttarakhand is Nainital, a place with rich flora & fauna, geological, and historical significance makes it one of the suitable locations for a workation. With the population 40k, this place still gives you the peaceful seclusion you need from all the hoopla of the ubiquitous.

    With amenities like free parking space, spa, game room and steady wi-fi connectivity, Sterling Nainital can be the stay for you during your workation. Of Course there are other options for you which you can find here but we would like to provide you with the best of options.

In conclusion

A lot of ruckuses has happened in the last 8 months and we are approaching the end of the year 2020. Maybe this brief trip can give us the opportunity to change our perspective for the coming year. The pandemic is still around, and you still must take necessary precautions while you travel. Also, travel according to your State Government’s restrictions. And as always, keep your masks on and your worries off.

Important! Hey there!

All resorts are perfect with a calming and peaceful work atmosphere. Each of the resorts and locations come with different amenities and vibe.
Due to the scenic and remote locations of the resorts, the complimentary Wi-Fi access might be limited. We advise you to individually check with your choice’s basis your requirements for a workation. Portable internet devices are advised. To bear in mind, owing to the global pandemic precautions, there are restrictions on the group activities and outings. Do check in advance for the specific and precise needs. GoFloaters team insists remote workers to take appropriate care to protect themselves from any concerns and misuse of any kind.

**The opinions and views expressed on this blog are solely of the authors and contributors.

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