8 Simple Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction in 2024

Take onus of your customer experience

Soundhariya Viswanathan / Reading Time: 6 mins

As the CMO of GoFloaters, I take pride in having conversations with our customers.

While pandemic and its aftereffects continue to throw multitude of challenges, we have learnt to conquer & generate milestones. Over the years of marketing and sales, I have realised one fact, companies with laser sharp focus on their customer, their experiences and journeys only can win in the long run.

As a marketplace platform and facilitator of a productive environment for hybrid work or its remote workforce, I believe that there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. In the coworking space segment, there are things beyond the walls, designs, seats, and ambiance that customers of today look at.

According to a PwC 2021 CX report, it states that Experience is everything for the customer. A great experience of the product or service leaves people with a positive perception and brand loyalty.

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In this post, we will discuss 8 hacks for superior customer experience and satisfaction that I have learnt from the feedback and dialogues with customers.

1. Train your staff for basic manners and etiquettes.

The most powerful acquisition tool for coworking business or any business is repeat customers. They not only will help you with their loyalty, but also bring with them 50% more customers.

A warm welcome will go a long way. A lot of times we have heard from our customers that the staff at the reception or the usherers at the coworking spaces were cordial and that has left them in a bad taste. Hey! No one likes to be disappointed.

A friendly and smiling air hostess always makes you appreciate air travel.

  • The way we talk
  • The warm greetings
  • Our smile
  • Our conversation even if it is just, 'yes sure let me show you desk'
  • Listening to the customer issues

Can make or break the relationship with the customer.

Coworking space owners should focus on getting this very basic and first step right. This isn't rocket science but a friendly attitude by the staff can go a long way.

2. Keep an eye

That moment when your design team fascinates you with a greater number of creatives than expected. Under promise, over deliver. Don't we all love. Similarly, being in the service industry, we should do more than what is expected out of. This makes them appreciate our efforts and satisfaction that we have come to the best spaces.

For instance, when you are a regular at a restaurant, you love it when the staff leads you to your favourite corner. Likewise, coworking customers would be thankful if you can offer them their favourite spot or beverage as a courtesy or make some exceptions or the least enquiry if they need any assistance. This only enhances their experience at the workspace.

3. Customer first approach

Entire business ecosystem revolves around customers.

No matter what the situation is, the customer comes first. We need to learn to deal with the customer issues, comments, and complaints with a pinch of salt and improve.

Imagine: A customer walks into your coworking space. You have some issue related to the booking and getting its details of the customer. Should you make the customer stand at the gate and make investigations or offer them a place to sit or and make the checks.

More than any other saver pack offers, being nice to a customer is a key to great customer service. This positive attitude approach can even bring back a bad experience around!

4. Flavour of the season

You walk into a mall in December, and you see no seasonal fervour and Christmas pomp. Won't it be disappointing?

One of the easiest ways to improve the customer service is to try and adopt the flavours of the season, although distraction free. Throw in some special benefits or attractions during the seasons to attract customers and positively influence their repeat visits.

5. Go digital

For service businesses to survive, investing in technology is the only way out. Use data to improve your customer service.

If you have a handful of customers, paper and pen would work (even that I wouldn't advise) But as you grow, you need technology and simple apps created to ease your backend, so that you can invest more time and energy on servicing your customers. Move out of paper and pen notes, or even for that matter excel and word documents.

Imagine a customer walking into your spaces, and you running through the notebook to figure out where the booking details are or even worse, has she paid for the day.

Automation of your space is the way out. Make use of Coworking SaaS platforms that fences fundamental issues and create milestones. This will help you improve your brand and the customer experience.

6. Use the customer data to win customers

Going digital not only streamlines the commercial part of your business. But the data also helps fill in the gaps in the services through feedback and reviews.

Data can give you deep insight into the customer behaviour, the trends, changing business strategies. You could also make use of the data to customise, personalise the offering and deliver better. Data is your listening tool that helps you plot where the problem is and leads you to solve it.

7. Customer responsiveness

Being reachable and responsive to customer needs is critical to all businesses. Customer responsiveness defines your business especially when it comes to the service sector. By building a positive and responsive relationship, repeat customership can be achieved.

Timely follow ups, booking approvals, data about the customer, solving their issues asap, keeping them informed of any schedule changes. In other words, customers need to feel important and once they understand that you value them, they will automatically invest in your space.

8. Adapt and innovate with channel partnerships

Especially since the pandemic, digital technology has transformed most business models. Customers are constantly looking for conveniences, easy applications, and websites to ease their life.

For businesses, a channel partnership is a great way to succeed. The partnership promotes brand awareness, marketing, building meaningful relationships with customers and thereby the sales.

So, if you are looking to transform your business, you need to have the right channel partner mix to collaborate, create the right solution to address your key market and customer needs.

Take for example: How bookmyshow, the largest booking platform has been helping innumerable partners monetise their empty spaces and events. Also, help reach out to larger markets, drive traffic, and generate regular business.

Another instance: Despite the negative impact of the pandemic, the flexible space market is $26 billion. India has grown to over 1000+ coworking space brands in India, addressing the market size of 50 million sq. ft+ by 2023. In 2024, this will only grow further as the market size and need are significantly widening.

A large percentage of the remote workforce are now looking out to work out their neighbourhood spaces at least a few times a week. Won't it be ideal for you to manage your booking systems and partner who can lessen your operational burden and increase profitability?

If you want to:

• To stay ahead of the competition.

• Drive online marketing

• Be the most favourite coworking space in the neighbourhood

• Expand your market reach including the spaces in Tier 2 & 3

• Increase demand

Identify and collaborate with the right partners.

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Quality & Revenue Go Hand in Hand

As a space owner, property supplier you must make certain first-class customer service that guarantees repeat customers. If customers feel positive about the work environment, they will increase the demand through a free tool - their experiences.

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