Best Coworking spaces in Sector 63, Noida

If you are looking for the best coworking spaces in Sector 63, Noida then you have come to the right page. An average cost of a hot desk in Sector 63, Noida is in the range of Rs 250 / day.

GoOffice 7049 - 91SpringBoard

Open Desks | Sector 63

91SpringBoard in Sector 63 is one of the premium properties in the neighbourhood. It provides you a lovely workspaces and all the amenities you need to get started. The offices are ready from the get-go, with a plug-and-play environment that facilitates collaboration, innovation, and smooth workflows. Layout, memberships, and more can be easily tailored in line with the specific requirements of your team, the kind of business you’re engaged in, and the long-term vision for your company.

Starting from

600 per day

GoOffice 8162 - WorkWings

Dedicated Desks | Sector 63

A melting pot of new start-ups and big businesses, it’s safe to say that Noida has evolved to be an entrepreneurial hub of India. Evidently, competition is sky-high as everyone wants the best for their business. We value your time and your demands so instead of beating around the bush, let’s cut to the car chase.

Starting from

599 per day

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