How GoFloaters WorqFlexi Solved inFeedo’s Team Collaboration Challenges

Founded in 2013, inFeedo is an HR tech company whose mission is to create where every employee feels valued and heard. Their flagship product, Amber, leverages AI to understand employee sentiments and facilitate communication. With a global client base, inFeedo has become a trusted partner for organizations aiming to elevate employee engagement.

inFeedo’s Challenge

With COVID-19, inFeedo made the strategic decision to adopt a flexible remote-first model allowing employees to work remotely or from the office based on their preferences. This new approach aligned with their values of autonomy and employee well-being.

On-demand collaboration was a challenge.

However, it also introduced a key challenge - on-demand collaboration. Although inFeedo is a remote-first company, there were certain instances when teams had to meet and make some decisions. That’s when they looked out for a service provider.

The Search For The Right Solution

To enable effective remote-first work, inFeedo needed a solution that provided workspaces on-demand while giving insights to optimize remote working strategy.

They extensively evaluated various options and GoFloaters WorqFlexi emerged as the ideal solution for the following reasons:

  • Nationwide availability of workspaces.
  • Intuitive dashboard providing easy access to usage analytics.
  • Commitment to seamless UX - critical for inFeedo's tech-driven culture.
  • Aligned focus on enabling flexible work environments.

How GoFloaters WorqFlexi Solved inFeedo’s Team Collaboration Challenges

Initially, inFeedo aimed to streamline coworking space availability based on employee locations. WorqFlexi remarkably fulfilled this expectation, with an impressive 90% of space requests being successfully accommodated. This adaptability ensured that employees had access to conducive workspaces, irrespective of their geographical locations, fostering a flexible and productive work environment.

GoFloaters WorqFlexi's commitment to excellent customer support proved instrumental in resolving challenges swiftly and ensuring a positive user experience. The platform's responsive and knowledgeable support team contributed to seamless integration of the service into inFeedo's operations.

The WorqFlexi dashboard emerged as a game-changer, providing decision-makers with one-click access to comprehensive reports.

This streamlined approach significantly simplified the decision-making process for inFeedo, allowing leaders to glean insights swiftly and make informed choices. The platform's commitment to user-friendly analytics has been pivotal in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of inFeedo's workspace management.

Data points reflecting the impact of GoFloaters WorqFlexi on key performance indicators reveal a substantial improvement across various facets. Adaptability witnessed a significant uptick as employees seamlessly integrated remote and coworking spaces into their work routines.

Chart 01

Communication within teams and across the organization experienced a boost, aided by the diverse work settings provided by GoFloaters. The engagement rate soared, with employees actively participating in coworking initiatives and leveraging the flexibility offered by WorqFlexi.

Chart 02

Chart 03

In-person interaction eased, emphasizing the success of inFeedo's strategic decision to embrace GoFloaters WorqFlexi as a catalyst for positive change within the organization.


GoFloaters WorqFlexi delivered immense value, leading to stellar results

  • 90% fulfillment of workspace requests, enabling employee flexibility.
  • Data-driven decisions made easy with dashboard insights to optimize strategy.
  • Bangalore, New Delhi, and Gurugram experienced an uptick in attendance for micro-meets, showcasing a positive response to localized collaboration opportunities.
  • Improved engagement via participation in virtual and in-person initiatives.
  • Faster resolution of challenges thanks to responsive customer support.


"The UX is slick and it doesn't take me more than 15 seconds to book my space + when I'm traveling, it's very handy coz all I have to do is look up the nearest available space and book right away!"
"Using Gofloaters to book office spaces has been extremely easy. Love the fact that it can be done over WhatsApp in a few seconds!"
"The GoFloaters WhatsApp feature is incredibly convenient. I can effortlessly connect with the bot and instantly reserve a slot at my preferred coworking space without the need to install any additional mobile apps."


For inFeedo, GoFloaters WorqFlexi proved to be the ultimate solution for enabling seamless on-demand collaboration. By facilitating on-demand workspaces and data-driven insights, WorqFlexi helped inFeedo overcome the key collaboration challenges posed by distributed teams.

Within a short time, inFeedo was able to achieve more engaged, aligned, and satisfied employees who could collaborate effectively despite geographic separations. Their success stands as a testament to how the right on-demand collaboration tool can drive communication and camaraderie even in virtual environments.