The Remote Work Journey of a FinTech Brand - In Conversation With Plate iQ

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As the world witnessed an unprecedented shift to remote work due to the pandemic, fintech companies faced unique challenges in adapting to this new normal. In a candid conversation between Apoorva Rashmi, Director of HR at Plate iQ, and Shyam Sundar, Founder of GoFloaters, the intricacies of Plate iQ's remote work journey unfolded, offering a comprehensive roadmap for fintech companies to navigate the complex world of remote work.

Remote Work Transition at Plate iQ

Plate iQ, a pioneering fintech company, has demonstrated exceptional resilience in embracing remote work as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. With a customer-focused approach ingrained in its DNA, Plate iQ quickly recognized the potential benefits of remote work in enhancing customer interactions. The company's transition was not merely a logistical adjustment but a strategic move towards maximizing its impact.

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Remote Onboarding Process of Plate iQ

Amidst the remote work revolution, onboarding new employees posed a unique set of challenges for Plate iQ. However, the company's innovative onboarding process has not only overcome these challenges but has set new industry standards.

Here's a detailed look at Plate iQ's step-by-step remote onboarding strategies and how they have positively impacted the company:

  1. Personalized Pre-Integration Interaction:

Long before a new hire's official start date, Plate iQ initiates a personalized interaction. This involves a video call with the hiring manager and future team members. The objective is to introduce the newcomer to their team, provide insights into the team's dynamics, and instill a sense of belonging from the outset. This step helps bridge the physical gap, making remote hires feel like part of the team even before they commence work.

  1. Holistic Orientation:

Plate iQ goes beyond the standard technical orientation. The company offers an in-depth overview of its mission, vision, and values, ensuring that new employees align with its core principles. This approach not only sets expectations but also helps new hires understand their roles within the larger organizational context.

  1. Virtual Coffee Chats:

To further humanize the remote onboarding process, Plate iQ organizes virtual coffee chats. These informal interactions allow new employees to engage with various team members in a casual environment. This step breaks the ice and paves the way for meaningful relationships, transcending virtual boundaries.

  1. Shadowing and Mentoring:

Plate iQ pairs new employees with experienced team members for a period of shadowing. This provides new hires with a comprehensive understanding of the workflow, team dynamics, and the company's working style. A designated mentor is assigned to guide them through tasks, answer questions, and offer real-time support.

  1. Weekly Check-ins and Feedback:

To ensure continuous support, Plate iQ conducts weekly check-ins with new hires during their initial months. These sessions provide a platform for open discussions, addressing any challenges, and gauging their overall experience. Additionally, the company actively seeks feedback on the onboarding process itself, allowing for improvements and fine-tuning.

Challenges & Employee Engagement Processes

Maintaining employee engagement and nurturing company culture in a remote setup can be a daunting task. Apoorva candidly discussed Plate iQ's solutions to this challenge. The company's weekly virtual meetups are a testament to their commitment to human connections. These sessions are designed purely for camaraderie, laughter, and team bonding, providing an avenue to share personal experiences and forge strong ties. The absence of a strict business agenda fosters an environment where individuals can truly connect, helping combat feelings of isolation.

Flexibility and the Hybrid Model

Plate iQ's adaptive approach to remote work shines through in its hybrid model, which exemplifies the company's unwavering commitment to employee well-being. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Plate iQ allows its employees to choose their preferred work setup. This encompasses remote, hybrid, and even at-office options. The company takes a progressive stance, acknowledging that different roles may require varying levels of physical presence. Such flexibility empowers employees to contribute effectively while maintaining a work-life balance.

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Key Takeaways

From Plate iQ's remote work journey, several key takeaways emerge:

  1. Customized Approach: Plate iQ's success lies in its ability to tailor remote work solutions based on the nature of the role and individual preferences.
  2. Human Connections Matter: Virtual meetups and open communication channels play a pivotal role in sustaining employee engagement and mental well-being.
  3. Performance-Driven Culture: Plate iQ underscores the significance of focusing on outcomes rather than micro-managing remote employees' hours.
  4. Hybrid Flexibility: Embracing a hybrid model accommodates diverse needs while preserving the essence of teamwork and collaboration.
  5. Adapt and Evolve: Remote work dynamics are continually evolving. Companies must stay agile, revisiting strategies and incorporating employee feedback to drive success.


In a time when remote work dynamics continue to evolve, Plate iQ's journey serves as an enlightening example for fintech companies. The company's ability to seamlessly transition between remote, hybrid, and at-office models highlights the importance of adaptability and employee-centricity.

By championing open communication, fostering human connections, and embracing a flexible approach, Plate iQ demonstrates that remote work need not be a hurdle but an avenue for innovation and growth. As fintech companies continue to grapple with remote work challenges, Plate iQ's insights offer a guiding light towards sustained success.

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