Say no to traffic., Say no to pollution., Say no to cubicles!, Say yes to floating spaces., ** GoFloaters **

Discover the new way of working


How boring is it to work within the same four walls everyday? Step into a new place everyday, soak the ambiance and get into your flow zone.


Meet your customers, mentors or partners in our aesthetically designed spaces. Make your meetings productive and rewarding.


Are your brainstorming sessions lacking the spark? Spur the creativity of your team. Get them into their flow zones to maximize the outcome.


Don't break the bank for a swanky office space yet. We have plenty of choices on pay by the hour basis starting at Rs 40.

Bought in? Skeptical? In either case you could try this out.

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How it works

Dock yourself at a place of your convenience and "flow".

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Share with us your requirement for the space over WhatsApp @ +91-9087335533.

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We will give you options to consider and choose from according to your preferences.

Pay and book

Confirm your seats. Pay booking fee online. Pay the usage fees at the facility. That is it!


GoFloater spaces are available from the price of a    (filter coffee) to the price of a  (regular latte)

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Our app should soon be hitting the Google Play store. In the meanwhile we are taking bookings through WhatsApp!


Alternatively you can share with us your requirements through the form below.

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Let us know your thoughts on GoFloaters. Let us know how we could improve our offering to suit your needs. Do you think this will not work for you? Share with us why you think so.

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